Server Manager Maintenance

We are going to be moving our Server Manager from to The server manager, including IPMI/Console access, OS reloads, etc. may be unavailable briefly as we change the software backend to point to the new domain. If the Server Manager is unavailable and you urgently need a server administration task done, ... Read More »

9th May 2023
A new look to our knowledge base

We believe in open documentation that is easy to use as well as read. And that's why we're starting an upgrade on our knowledge base! Starting today, you're going to find our articles have a different design while we test usability, responsiveness, and other aspects of our design. You can browse the new design at and ... Read More »

3rd May 2023
UK & DE VPS and UK shared/reseller Shutdown May 1

This is a reminder that we are closing down our European operations effective May 1, 2023 due to ever increasing costs of OVH. As we have explained in our email to affected clients and on our blog, our costs have gone from manageable and profitable to unprofitable and losing everything virtually overnight. If we were to continue offering these ... Read More »

28th Apr 2023
Migration to is complete!

Today, we have completed the migration to All of NodeSpace's services can be accessed from the domain and we have updated all of our email addresses to reflect this change. Just like when we transitioned from, all email addresses will continue to function and operate. However, we ask that you begin to ... Read More »

22nd Apr 2023
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